Library of functions

All material-independant values, universal constants and state equations are stored within the hamopy/ham_library file. In addition to constant properties such as the latent heat of evaporation, the universal gas constant and the thermal conductivity of air, the file includes 5 useful methods:

  • p_sat(T): Water vapor saturation pressure (Pa)
  • D_va(T): Water vapor diffusivity in air (m2/s)
  • p_v(p_c, T): Water vapor pressure (Pa)
  • HR(p_c, T): Relative humidity
  • p_c(HR, T): Capillary pressure (Pa)

The last three methods are equivalent formulations of the Clausius-Clapeyron equation. It is used to calculate the relative humidity from values of the capillary pressure, and inversely.

Here is an example of use:

from hamopy import ham_library as ham

ham.p_c(0.92, 299)

This script first returns the value of the liquid water specific heat, then the water vapor saturation pressure at 280 K, then the capillary pressure at 92 %RH and 299 K.

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